CrossFit Classes

Our group classes are aimed at improving an individual's overall health and wellness. We understand fitness can be a lot more fun with friends. Workouts and instructions are still modified to each individual, so everyone can be successful and safe.

There are three ways to start in the group classes at U Can CrossFit.

1. Schedule 3 one on one sessions with a Trainer to learn the fundamental movements and ease into workouts. You will be taught all movements, technique and learn what CrossFit is all about. The 3 sessions and your first month is $165. Email or message to get started and get your sessions scheduled.  

2. Go through one of our introductory group classes. These are done periodically through the course of the year. Follow us on our Facebook page to get regular updates of upcoming start dates.

2.  If you have been doing CrossFit at another affiliate, you can have one of your previous trainers email a recommendation for you, so you can go straight into regular classes.

Rates for group classes:  

3 days a week = 12 classes a month $145  

Unlimited days a week = up to 24 classes a month $165
1251 Butler Rd.
League City, TX 77573 (view larger map)