Wed, Jun 23

Most Recent Benchmark:
CROSSFIT TOTAL on May 3, 2021 (144 days ago)


Warm up:
2 minutes couch stretch
2 rds:
200m run
5 inchworms+5 pushups
10 lunges
10 ring rows
20 sec Samson stretch

A) 10 min EOMOM
3-5 strict pullups

B) 20 min AMRAP
10 C2B
15 Pushups
20 pistols, Alternating
*After every 3 rds, run 400m


DB Bent Raises
2 x 20

0% 0%
1st5+35 Taylor B Wed, Jun 23, 2021
2nd4+8 Natalie Wed, Jun 23, 2021
3rd3+30 Paige H Wed, Jun 23, 2021
Alli Wed, Jun 23, 2021
1st7 Jacob k Wed, Jun 23, 2021
2nd6+39 Timothy R Wed, Jun 23, 2021
3rd5+15 Kevin J Wed, Jun 23, 2021

Jeremiah5+37  Pistols w/ a 25# plate; Rx everything else
Trent H6+20  scaled
Kristina6+20  scaled
Michael Ham6+15  scaled
Abby V7+4  scaled
Sam H4+36  scaled
Danielle K7+5  scaled
Lil scaled
Chris G scaled
Kenny5+34  scaled
Jen4+38  A) 5x5 purple band neg pu’s B) 10rr, 15 pu to 24” box, 20 step ups w 20# dbs to 16” box, rx run
Erika D scaled
Rhonda J6+55  scaled
AJ scaled
Reginald5+36  scaled
Jacob H6+30  scaled
Amanda Mc6+200  Rx c2b/rx run/pistols to a box
Bernie7+29  scaled
Blanche5+150  Jumping pull-ups, knee push-ups, pistols to box
Jenn5+1  RX everything except pistols to a box
Michael Ba6+4  scaled
Taylor B5+35 Rx
Daniel M5+300  scaled
Julia pistols to box and ring rows
Rachel R4+5  scaled
Tanya4+16  scaled
Luke G scaled
Natalie4+8 Rx
Manny4+31  Pistols to 12” box. Rx rest ☠️☠️☠️
Jessica K5+245  5 C2B, pistols to a bench. / 3 strict PUs
Anna N scaled
Chris Sa4+30 Rx
Kevin J5+15 Rx
Kierstyn5+13  scaled
Kristen scaled
Jacob k7 Rx
Kandace scaled
Rene7+5  Box
Leah W scaled
Bethany H6+20  scaled
Krystal6+10  scaled
Alli3+30 Rx
Paige H3+30 Rx
Jake C scaled
Timothy R6+39 Rx
Aaron P7+28 Rx
Kyle K6+16  scaled
Matt S Hands were tearing
Whitney6+400  Jumping c2b pull-ups/pistols to a 20’ box

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