Mon, Jun 21

100th Day: Blanche(900th)
Most Recent Benchmark:
CROSSFIT TOTAL on May 3, 2021 (144 days ago)


A) Push Jerk

B) For Time:
Push Jerk(75/55)

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TodayAll Time

Kenny8:59  A. 135 145 155 175 185(failed) B. 65
Lil8:29  scaled
Jeremiah8:55 Rx
Jen7:48  A) 55x5/65x3/85x2/85x1/95x1 B)35#
Les G9:55  scaled
Chris G9:11  scaled
Lauren R7:09  scaled
Abby V10:03 Rx
Sam H7:44 Rx
Rhonda J8:21  scaled
Jake C11:24 Rx
Mitchell8:31  65#
Reginald10:11  scaled
Candice8:58 Rx
Amanda Mc9:52 Rx
Jacob H5:53 Rx
Jenn7:14 Rx A)65×5/85×3/95×2/105/115
Tony9:00  65#
Bernie5:26  Medball and push-ups
Blanche8:03  25#
Michael Ba5:53 Rx
Rachel R8:52  35#
Julia7:06  ring rows for push jerk
Daniel M9:03 Rx
Quinetta10:45  25#
Chris Sa6:45 Rx
Tori7:50  45#
Hali8:35  35#
Jessica K7:23 Rx 125# C&J
Sarah D9:41 Rx 🐢🥵A)65/75/85/90/95
Jason K7:14 Rx
Stephen P6:15 Rx 135/155/185/205/225
Kandy7:40 Rx
Cori7:08 Rx
Kevin J9:24 Rx
Matt S5:03 Rx
Kyle K10:36  scaled
Kayla8:17  scaled
Jennifer Pr10:11 Rx
Jacob k9:08 Rx
Krystal6:12 Rx
Manny7:38 Rx
Travis W3:48 Rx
Barry8:02 Rx
Angie St7:38 Rx
Kandace7:43 Rx
Austin L5:34 Rx
Bethany H9:22  scaled
Taylor B7:18 Rx 160# push jerk for lift
Leah W5:27  scaled
Rene6:43 Rx
Tina P7:56  scaled
Caitlin s7:20 Rx Got up to 145lb for the singles
Holly W11:25  scaled
Robert B11:06  scaled
Andrew S7:06 Rx
Whitney9:06 Rx
Jessica M10:37  scaled
Shawn K7:48  scaled

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