Thu, Dec 3 2020

Gymversary: Joey C(6)
Most Recent Benchmark:
Snatch Max on Dec 30, 2020 (22 days ago)


A) 12 min EOMOM
Kipping pull-up skill work

B) Death by Burpee
Min 1-1 Burpee
Min 2-2 Burpees and so on until you cant complete the required number of burpees in the given minute

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TodayAll Time

Drew Brown11 Rx
Danielle K12 Rx
Mitchell12 Rx
Abby V13 Rx
Jeremiah15 Rx 12 in round of 16
erin s10  2/4/6/8/10 calories on air bike
Jen12 Rx A) 4 strict pull ups each round; 1st thin black band, 2&3 green band, 4-6 purple&red B)12 rounds +10
Kenny14 Rx A. 3 chin above bar negatives 4 strict pushups B.☠️
Ruben15 Rx A. Float like a 🦋. B. 🤮
Angie St15 Rx
Blanche7 Rx
Matt S15 Rx
Les G12  scaled
Kirsten13 Rx
Candice11 Rx
Rhonda J11 Rx
Erika D12  scaled
Tony11 Rx
Amanda M14 Rx
Kelly B12  scaled
Sarah D12 Rx B)sets of 10
Jenn13 Rx
Kierstyn15 Rx
Jake C15 Rx
Kevin K13 Rx
Rene17 Rx
Jacob k16 Rx
Leah W12 Rx + 11
Paige11 Rx
Cori13 Rx
Maureen13 Rx
Kandace15 Rx
Crystal C13 Rx Strict pull ups with purple band. 5 each time
Jessica M10 Rx

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