Wed, Dec 2

Happy Birthday Rachel R
Most Recent Benchmark:
Push Press Max on Nov 13, 2020 (19 days ago)


A) 3rds:
400m run
15 Deadlifts(225/155)
5 Wall Walks

B) 12 min EMOM
1st-15 Pallof press Right
2nd-15 Pallof press Left
3rd-15 glute bridge w/ 1sec pause at top

0% 0%
1st12:48 Jennifer S Today!
2nd15:46 Kierstyn Today!
3rd17:38 Candice Today!
1st15:07 Jeremiah Today!
2nd11:12Albert Today!
3rd13:24Rene Today!

Trent H14:18  85lb
Drew Brown18:07  225/185/185
Jennifer S12:48 Rx
Kenny15:14  A. Rx run 195# wall walks B. Red band
Albert11:12  A)155#
Jeremiah15:07 Rx
Abby V17:10  125 dl
Amanda M14:52  135#DL/3 wall walks/rx run
Danielle K16:06  115/3 wall walks
Jen17:48  A)RX runs, 135# dl, started w 5 WW-last 2 rounds: 3 WW 😕 B) purple band
Les G16:43  195# dL
Kevin J17:28  Row due to rain
Jake C. Rx Round 15; 10 Kip PUs
Candice17:38 Rx
Timothy G13:39  500m row/15 95lb deadlifts/ 3 pike walks to a 24' box
Kierstyn15:46 Rx
Kayla9:36  800m bike / 105# DL /10 Hollow Rocks
Ruben✔️ Rx
Crystal C12.45  115 on DL and 3 wall walks
Leah W14:39  600m ass bike, RX deadlift & wall walks
Rene13:24  135#
Kandace18:00 Rx
Donnie7:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Kimberly7:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Jessica M7:15pm...3 2 1 GO!
Whitney7:15pm...3 2 1 GO!

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