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Monday Apr 15,2019

Welcome Candice
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21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

Please post your time as MM:SS.  Note any modifications in the ''Why not Rx'' section.

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erin s11:01  9 6 3 hspu w/ mat/ dips on par. Bars/ pu to box...1st wod doing hspu!
Les G11:49  Pike pushups to 20'' box, red band ring dips, Rx pushups
David U18:09 Rx
Amanda M10:33  9/6/3 hspu w/mat,par dips/rx push ups
Heather Sc9:07  20# DB push press/ parallettes/ 24 in box push ups
Austin11:46  15-12-9
Honee14:21 Rx 4:15 PR
Rebecca11:39  15/12/9 15#press, paralettes/feet, box push up
Jason K15:35 Rx
Cori11:36  Seated DB press, ring dip negatives, rx pushups
Chris H15:20  12/6/3 HSPU, 15/12/9 Paralettes/PU
Erika D10:57  15# seated DB/paralettes/strict PUs
Kandace15:18  12/9/6 bar dips, Rx the rest
Angie St12:20  Hspu on 24”box, parrallettes, rx push ups
Paige14:29  9 HSPU, 15/9-DB #15, parallets, regular PU
Crockett13:01 Rx
Meagan14:14 Rx
Matt S13:50 Rx
Brittnee14:13  15-12-9 HSPU, negative ring dips, Push-ups
Trent E17:01  40# press; paralletes.
Manny10:40  15-12-9 30#Press, Bar Dip, Pu
Jeremiah15:43  40# press; Rx ring dips & push ups
Rene9:07  35# dB Press, Rx the rest
Stacey11:20  15# db, paralletes, push ups
Leah W12:48  9-6 hspu w/ abmat 21-15-9 parallett bars and push up. Last round died and scaled did 6 dB push pr
Jenn10:51  9-6-3 HSPU. 21-15-9 parallettes & push ups
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