Getting Started

There are two ways to start at U Can CrossFit.

1. Take the CrossFit Fundamentals class that is offered once a month. Our next Fundamentals will start Oct 8, 2018.  The Fundamentals class is three days a week for two weeks. We cover our foundational movements, mobility, nutrition, and philosophy during this time. We have these classes Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm and Friday at 6:30 pm. We have morning Fundamentals classes at the request of 4 or more athletes.

The cost for Fundamentals is $100. This includes the 2 weeks of Fundamentals classes and the following two weeks after getting out of the Fundamentals class. That's $100 for a month of CrossFit.

2.  If you have been doing CrossFit at another affiliate, you can have one of your previous trainers email a recommendation for you, so you can go straight into regular classes.


Individual Adult Membership Rates:  

Fundamentals = $100 (3 days/week)

3 days a week = 12 classes a month $140  

Unlimited days a week = up to 24 classes a month $160  

Individual CrossFit Kids Rates:  
Punchcard: 10 classes for $70

**30 day advance notice to cancel memberships REQUIRED**

Discounted Membership Plans:  Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Teachers, College Students and Families will receive a discount. Ask us for more details.

--Personal training sessions may be scheduled and cost is determined on a case by case basis.

--Visiting Crossfit athletes from out of town must email or call.