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Friday Dec 7,2018

Happy Birthday Kayla
Gymversary Alli-1


800m run
10 rounds
10 Alternating Pistols
10 DB Push Press (50/35)
800m Run

Extra Work:
4 x 2 Clean

8 x 8 DB bent row
30 seconds rest between sets
*** each arm

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1st27:05 Brittnee Fri,Dec 7,2018
2nd18:06Nicole O Fri,Dec 7,2018
3rd18:11Kandy Fri,Dec 7,2018
1st17:20 Crockett Fri,Dec 7,2018
2nd19:07 Jason Pe Fri,Dec 7,2018
3rd21:58 Thomas Fri,Dec 7,2018

erin s20:12  Pistols to box 25# db
Crystal S21:30  Pistols to box, rxd everything else(even the run) post: 8x8 face pulls w/ 3 sec negative
David U24:46 Rx
Matt S18:03  RX run/ goblet squats / RX DB PP
Stacey22:02  Pistols to box. 15#db
Austin24:36 Rx
Sarah D24:17  25#/right leg assisted pistols
Crockett17:20 Rx
Thomas21:58 Rx
Sabrina22:32  Pistols to box 20#db
Brittnee27:05 Rx Didn’t make the 25 min time cap! 😢
Kevin K17:57  Pistols to Box, 35#
Rene18:57  Pistols to bench
Kandy18:11  Rx pistols, 25# DB, 1000 meter row
Jason Pe19:07 Rx cleans 230/240/250/260
Cori19:24  Pistols to a box, 25# DB
Andrea G23:04  30# dB, 6 pistols. Rx runs.
Nicole O18:06  25DB, pistols to low box
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