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Wednesday Oct 18,2017

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Here is a common occurrence in our gym and actually many Crossfit gyms. John or Jane starts up and decides to give this crossfit stuff a solid month or two. During these first two months they lose some weight and see PRs. Actually, they decided to keep it up and they see this trend of PRs continue over the course of their first 6-8 months. Literally, they PR weekly and sometimes multiple times a week.  

Then around 8-9 months or maybe longer for a few people, it happens. They 'plateau' as they say. They get frustrated and start to silently question the coaching, program, and a list of other things. Doubt creeps into their mind.  They start looking for other solutions.  

This entire situation is understandable. The majority of it is due the athletes perception more than anything. The athlete came to the gym because they weren't doing anything or having any success before coming to us. Even if they might have been going to the gym some, they weren't going near as frequently or working near as hard as they thought. (Same can go for most peoples beliefs on how solid their nutrition habits are.)  

They were untrained athletes, so they were bound to have success and PRs just by their new found consistency. On top of that they were going to see lots of PRs because the only place they had to go was up. This new found success creates an 'emotional high' that in turn keeps motivation high. It makes coming to gym easy cause everyday you might see a PR.  

Unfortunately, this is not how it really works for experienced athletes. The more experienced or seasoned you become the more spaced out those PRs become. It's not to say they won't come, but all the work you put in has delayed gratification instead of instant gratification. Delayed gratification is a kick in the teeth for most. It is one of the killers to motivation. This especially holds true with fitness and nutrition. You want results now not down the road. You want that feel good 'emotional high.'  

This is what separates the successful people in life from the mediocre or unsuccessful. You have to understand and learn that there are things you need to do because it is the healthy and right thing to do. Spending time on your physical health is one of the ways you 'sharpen your saw' according to Stephen Covey, author of '7 Habits of Highly Effective People.'

Every day you come to the gym you are getting better. Every time you make a health nutritional choice you are getting better. Just remember those results won't be immediate and stay the course.  

To be continued.........

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