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Wednesday Feb 17,2016

Happy Birthday Sarah D
Cardio: 1 MILE RUN OUTSIDEMax: Clean and Jerk MaxOther Posted Results


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1 mile outside run.

Please post your time as MM:SS.

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Travis L6:50 Rx
David U6:51 Rx
Ruben8:57 Rx 27th PR
Les G8:48 Rx
Catheryne9:45 Rx bit the dust on the turn... :-(
Tony8:55 Rx 26th
Jason P1248  33rd
Trish Mc12:02  Does the Rx apply to both run and lift?
Eric J8:25 Rx
Kelly B9:59  walked some
Michelle H8:35 Rx
Kaia11:05 Rx
Steve R09:40 Rx
Debbie My12:01 Rx 115# C&J 15# PR
Amanda M8:11 Rx
Drew Brown8:55 Rx
Cori7:18 Rx 110 C&J
Rene7:40 Rx
Brian M7:04 Rx
Stephanie B14:11  85# c&j
Alex T8:51 Rx
Kevin Wo9:40 Rx 215 ugly c&j
Austin6:37 Rx
Gina G9:31 Rx 105# c&j
Lisa H8:25 Rx
Chris Sa7:18 Rx 230
Amanda G7:35 Rx 10th
Gabby C6:40 Rx
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